SPJ Georgia announces positions, candidates for 2019 Board of Directors

As required by our chapter bylaws, SPJ Georgia will be hosting an annual election this fall in order to fill our board of directors for the 2019 calendar year. Candidates for each position are below, with a description of each person along with the office they seek.


President Darius Goodman: Darius Goodman is a sports editor and content producer for the Henry Herald and Clayton News. He is a graduate of South Carolina State University and has written about sports ranging from the high school to professional levels, including coverage of the Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton.

Vice President Carol Gantt: Carol Gantt is a manager of programming and production at AIB Network. She is an experienced media professional with over 20 years in broadcast journalism, legal news, research, writing, interviewing, field production, guest booking, publicity, copy writing and new media. She was the 2018 president of the Atlanta Association of Black Journalists.

Secretary KC Wildmoon: KC Wildmoon has been a journalist for more than 20 years, 15 of those with CNN, covering local, state, regional, national and international news. She describes herself as a new media geek, a true news junkie with a constant curiosity and particular expertise at social media verification, breaking news and weather.

At Large Board Members

Student Representative Charlotte Norsworthy: A senior at the University of Georgia, Charlotte Norsworthy is an experienced journalism student with a demonstrated history and interest in multimedia storytelling and giving voices to under-covered communities. She is also an academic researcher and teaching assistant within the Grady College of Journalism and the School of Public and International Affairs. Last but not least, Norsworthy is a self-described dog lover and (UGA) Dawg lover.

Stell Simonton: Stell Simonton is a freelance journalist specializing in clear, engaging writing that lets readers see, feel and hear the story. A graduate of the University of Alabama, Simonton has written for the Washington Post and the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, among many other outlets. She is a regular contributor to Youth Today magazine, and in a previous life was a digital editor/producer for the AJC. She will co-chair SPJ Georgia’s high-flying freelance committee in 2019 along with Dr. Pamela Dorsett.

Brenda Goodman: Brenda Goodman, MA, is a staff writer for WebMD. Her work has appeared in The New York Times, Scientific American, Psychology Today, The Boston Globe, Self, Shape, Parade, U.S. News and World Report, and Atlanta Magazine. She has a master’s degree in science and environmental reporting from New York University.

Continuing on the Board for 2019, and not up for election, will be:

Immediate Past President Haisten Willis

Treasurer Danielle Douez

At Large Member David Armstrong

Board membership is open to any SPJ Georgia member in good standing. Nominations must be received by committee chair Ellen Eldridge no later than midnight Nov. 19, 2019, which is 10 days after the slate is proposed, per our chapter bylaws. Eldridge can be reached at Ellen.E.Eldridge@gmail.com.

To our professional journalists in the Peach State, soon it will be your turn to personally help further shape the direction of the Society of Professional Journalists Georgia Pro Chapter.  Every member of this young, dynamic organization matters, so it follows then, YOUR vote counts if you are a paid member.

There’s plenty of time to join and support the work of the Society of Professional Journalists! We’re here to support you, connect you with other journalists and freelance jobs opportunities and provide advice if needed.

SIX important things our professional membership should know: 

  1. The election WILL be held for a three-day period, from Monday,  Dec. 10-12, 2018 at midnight EST.  Any journalist who is a paid SPJ Georgia member as of Dec. 12, 2018, can vote.
  2. Members will be voting on open board positions, a new president, a new vice president and a new secretary.
  3. Board positions are for a two-year term. The president and vice president each serve one-year terms, though the president stays on for an additional year as immediate past president.
  4. All nominations will be announced beginning Thursday, Nov. 9 by the nominating committee.
  5. Any paid member who would like to be a candidate for the board of directors or to nominate someone should do so by Nov. 19.
  6. Nominations should emailed to Ellen Eldridge by Nov. 19.



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