SPJ Georgia seeking candidates for 2020 Board of Directors

As required by our chapter bylaws, the Society of Professional Journalists’ Georgia Pro Chapter will be hosting an annual election this December in order to fill our board of directors for the 2020 calendar year. SPJ Georgia’s board consists of nine members, of which five are returning.

Continuing on into 2020 are our treasurer Pam Dorsett, secretary KC Wildmoon, student representative Charlotte Norsworthy, and at-large members Stell Simonton and Brenda Goodman.

The board is seeking four new members, each of which will serve a two-year term beginning Jan. 1, 2020. We will also be welcoming a new president and vice president next year, which could be new board members or may be selected from our existing board.

Joining the SPJ Georgia board is a great way to promote and protect journalism, expand your network, boost your resume and have a lot of fun in the process.

Board membership is open to any SPJ Georgia member in good standing. Nominations must be received by committee chair Haisten Willis no later than midnight on Friday, Nov. 15, 2019, which is 10 days after the slate is proposed, per our chapter bylaws. Willis can be reached at haisten.willis@gmail.com.

To our professional journalists in the Peach State, soon it will be your turn to personally help further shape the direction of the Society of Professional Journalists Georgia Pro Chapter.  Every member of this young, dynamic organization matters, so it follows that YOUR vote counts if you are a paid member.

There’s plenty of time to join and support the work of the Society of Professional Journalists! We’re here to support you, connect you with other journalists and freelance jobs opportunities and provide advice if needed.


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