SPJ Georgia members invited to participate in Clemson University study

Dr. Kelly Caine and Dr. Mahdi Nasrullah Al-Ameen from Clemson University’s School of Computing are inviting SPJ Georgia members to take part in an online research study.

The purpose of the research, which is being done in collaboration with Columbia University Journalism School and the University of Washington, is to find ways to improve online security training for journalists using graphical methods, such as comics. The study has two sessions.

In the first session, participants will receive online training on digital security. In the second session they will answer a set of survey questions. Clemson’s researchers will compensate participants for their time with Amazon gift cards.

Please contact Dr. Al-Ameen at malamee@clemson.edu to participate.

Once journalists contact Dr. Al-Ameen, he will send a link to the sessions. Upon completion, participants will receive a code to be emailed to Al-Ameen, who will respond with a separate code for the Amazon gift cards.

The sessions includes two segments, one week apart. The first session takes 30-90 minutes to complete on average, while the second session takes 10-30 minutes. Clemson will compensate participants with a $25 Amazon gift Card at the end of first session, and a$15 gift card at the end of second session.


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