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SPJ’s Region 3 conference is Saturday, Oct. 29 – and  we’ve built it for pro journalists looking to get their hands dirty. In just a few hours, for just a few bucks, and with just a few classmates, you can learn practical skills you can actually use on the job. More info at

Judges want to hide their discipline hearings

AJC columnist Jay Bookman pointed out in a recent article that judges would like to handle their judicial disciplining behind closed doors. The move to secrecy is important since the Judicial Qualifications Commission has publicly reprimanded 60 judges in Georgia over the last eight years. But now, Bookman writes, judges want to change the process dramatically….

Government leaders using phones to message during open meetings

The AJC watchdog Chris Joyner recently wrote about a worrisome practice – council members using their cell phones during open meetings. Opponents in Milton were recently corresponding with a city councilor during public discussions of their issue, prompting questions of impropriety since Sunshine laws demand most government meetings be totally open. After the story published,…