Covering war and crisis in Ukraine

When a major crisis breaks out internationally the question for local journalists in cities across the US should be – what does the community here need to know? What kind of context can I provide?

To give your audience better content, you need to understand what reporting on war and crisis is like. In this case – a major part of covering the war in Ukraine is a discussion of false information and propaganda.

That’s why we brought Ukrainian journalist Margo Gontar to you. Margo founded the 7,62 project, which tracks Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine. She also co-founded the StopFake project in 2014 to tackle Russian disinformation and propaganda. Her commitment to the standards of ethics of journalism will bring you clarity for a topic of this scope.

CNN’s Emma Lacey-Bordeaux led the conversation for us. Emma is an Emmy winning journalist based in Washington DC where she serves as the Senior Director of Standards and Practices for CNN Worldwide. She’s been at CNN since 2008 working as a researcher, a reporter/producer and an Editor. She’s covered presidential elections, mass social movements, struggles for justice and equality. She’s the producer of a groundbreaking 2018 documentary titled The Feminist on Cellblock Y that is taught in schools from Atlanta to the Bay Area to Vienna. She has a BIS from Georgia State University and a MFA from the University of Georgia.


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