#MMJSafetyFirst: SPJ Georgia and SPJ National are hosting a Town Hall for MMJ Safety

Following WSAZ’s Tori Yorgey getting run over by an SUV on live TV SPJ Georgia found it critical to say something about the importance of MMJs’ safety in the field. Yorgey was doing a live shot — by herself — on a water main break at 11pm.

We’re hosting a town hall on 1/29 at 1pm ET — all journalists are welcome. We’ll be joined by a group of seasoned guest panelists who are dedicated to making MMJ safety a top priority.

We have:

Shay Alexandria – MMJ in Charlotte who started a petition 

Jared Oliver- WFTV (Orlando) Weekend Sports Anchor, former MMJ 

Amy Sullivan – News Director KATV (Little Rock) 

Sherry Darden – HR Expert/ Consultant 

Drew Shenkman- Assistant General Counsel for CNN 

Please, join us this weekend. Our National President, Rebecca Aguilar, will moderate the panel and ask questions that YOU want to know the answers to.

Click the link to sign up/register.


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